How to Restart Your VPS


Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are powerful tools for hosting websites, applications, and services. However, like any server, they sometimes require a restart to apply updates, clear temporary issues, or solve performance problems. Here’s a detailed guide on how and when to restart your VPS, with a few tips to ensure minimal downtime and maximize performance.

Why Restart Your VPS?

There are several reasons why you might need to restart your VPS:

  1. Software Updates: Applying updates to your server’s operating system or installed applications often requires a restart. Regular updates are crucial for security and performance. At Cloud4Them, we offer KernelCare licenses for just $2.8 per month, which allow you to apply kernel updates without needing to restart your VPS, thus maintaining high availability and security.
  2. Performance Issues: If your VPS is running slowly or you encounter errors, a restart can clear temporary files and reset processes that may be causing the issue. This simple step can sometimes resolve complex problems quickly.
  3. Configuration Changes: Changes to server configurations, like network settings or resource allocations, might require a restart to take effect properly. Ensuring these changes are correctly applied is vital for the smooth operation of your services.

How to Restart Your VPS

Restarting your VPS with Cloud4Them is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Your Client Area: Access the Cloud4Them client portal at
  2. Navigate to Your Products: In the client area, go to “My Products” to view a list of your services.
  3. Select Your VPS: Click on the VPS you want to restart. This will take you to the management page for that specific VPS.
  4. Restart the VPS: In the VPS management interface, find the option to restart your server. This might be labeled as “Reboot” or “Restart.” Click it to initiate the restart process.
  5. Monitor the Restart: Wait for a few minutes while the VPS reboots. You can use the provided console access to monitor the boot process and ensure everything starts up correctly.

Additional Tips

  • Backup Your Data: Before restarting, ensure that all critical data is backed up. Cloud4Them provides automated backup solutions to safeguard your data effortlessly.
  • Schedule Restarts: For production environments, schedule restarts during off-peak hours to minimize disruption to your users. Use Cloud4Them’s monitoring tools to find the best time for maintenance.
  • Use Remote Console: If your VPS doesn’t come back online, use the remote console feature available through the Cloud4Them control panel to troubleshoot and resolve any boot issues.

Enhance Your VPS Experience with Cloud4Them

At Cloud4Them, we’re committed to providing top-tier services to ensure your VPS runs smoothly and securely. Enhance your VPS with our range of additional licenses like LiteSpeed for faster web server performance, Imunify360 for advanced security, and WHMCS for efficient client management. Explore these options and more in our Licenses section.